PLAYING PICKLEBALL Pickleball is a paddle sport combining the rules of badminton, ping-pong, and tennis.  It is played with solid paddles and perforated plastic balls.  Pickleball is a sport for all ages, and all athletic ability levels.   The game has very simple rules, and is easy to learn and play.   Many have taken up Pickleball because it is a fun way to stay fit and active, and meet new friends. You can use the following links to read the official rule book, review helpful tips, watch online lessons, etc. If you are just thinking about starting to play pickleball, a recreational player, or a tournament go-getter then these links are for you. You will find everything you want to know about pickleball. Should you discover other great links, which we have not listed below, please let us know and we will add them here for all to enjoy.
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RULES Basic Rules of Pickleball - International Pickleball Federation Rules  -  - Rule changes, 2018 PICKLEBALL ASSOCIATION WEBSITES Pickleball Canada - Pickleball Association of Ontario - United States Pickleball Association - PICKLEBALL VIDEOS (instructional tips and more) Pickleball Channel - 3RD SHOT SPORTS Collingwood, ON (Videos & Clinics) PICKLEBALL MAGAZINE RATED PLAYERS Since posting the information about the St. Thomas pickleball tournament, many of you have asked about your level of play. A set of guidelines has been established to assist you in making the best educated guess as to your skill level. Remember, you only require it if you choose to participate in skilled-level tournaments. Some of you just may be curious and want to know what level you are. Here are two links courtesy of Pickleball Ontario and Pickleball Canada I cannot stress enough that Kingsville Pickleball does not rank you according to your level of play. If you want to know, we will assist you in trying to determine it. A skill level is not usually required if you enter an Age Category tournament. For those of you who are interested in tournament play, please refer to Pickleball Canada‚Äôs website or and look under the Tournament/Ratings section. A membership, in the above organizations, is required to participate in tournaments but is not required to be a member of Kingsville Pickleball. - Jules Kay