Kingsville Pickleball, Inc. Executive Board Inaugural Meeting-May 22 2018 In Attendance : John Alden Nadine Brimner Annette Cranston Jan Koziana Stuart Hyodo Glen Morehouse Irene Myers 1. The meeting was called to order at 1:00pm. 2. Designation of  board members. Seven members of Kingsville Pickleball as listed above and in good standing and having been duly elected by the membership at the formation meeting held May 3 2018 were in attendance to select officers to fill the 7 open positions. Each member gave a brief verbal resume of their background and by mutual agreement from this information the seven positions were filled as herein listed: President: Glen Morehouse Vice president: Annette Cranston Treasurer: Jan Koziana Secretary: John Alden Director Communications: Irene Myers Director, Social: Stuart Hyodo Director at large: Nadine Brimmer These positions were mutually agreed upon. 3. Official Name of the Corporation           After a brief discussion it was moved that the official name of the corporation be Kingsville PickleBall, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as 'KP')                   Carried 4. PRAC Presentation Glen Morehouse gave an overview of the presentation that he will be giving to the PRAC committee May 24 at the Kingsville Arena, 1741 Jasperson Lane, Kingsville.  Glen clarified that the public, especially pickleballers, are encouraged to attend but will not be able to give input. 5. Internal Communications. John Alden requested that the directors remember to “Reply to all” when communicating within the board. John also noted that using multiple emails for discussions can be confusing and suggested using DropBox. The directors being unfamiliar with DropBox gave hesitant approval to use this form of communication when appropriate, conditional on John setting it up and providing instruction as and when needed. Action:  John Alden 6. Corporate Information. Jan Koziana collected director's contact information required to register the corporation and for use by board members in communicating with one another.  She will forward this information to the president and the Secretary.  Jan will also consult with her bank to determine our banking requirements. Action:  Jan Koziana 7. Kingsville 55+ Expo A discussion regarding the Kingsville 55+ Expo which will be taking place Wednesday June 13 at the Kingsville Arena, 1741 Jasperson Lane, ensued. It was agreed we should participate performing the same functions as previous years with the exception of the pickleball demonstration, the space for which has been reallocated.  The secretary will compose and distribute a letter to our members and other interested parties to inform them of this event and solicit participation and baked goods. Passed – Unanimous Action – John Alden 8. The KPA's Web site. The president reminded the directors of the existence of our website at or which is up and running and expected to be the primary source of information for members. He expressed the desire that in future, information will be placed on the website as an alternative to distributing emails. 9. Adjournment There being no further business, it was moved by the president and seconded by the secretary that the meeting be adjourned at 3:00pm Passed – Unanimous Respectfully submitted – John Alden, Corporate Secretary.
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