WHERE ARE WE GOING? Kingsville is working toward a bright future in pickleball, While at present we share the tennis courts, plans are in the works for development of a dedicated facility. (Report about presentation to PRAC in October 2017.) To see what a community can accomplish when all those affected work together, check out the YouTube video showing the development of pickleball in Naples, Florida. Players, municipal politicians, and industry people all worked as a team to make Naples a national capital of the sport. Where are we going? In the future, Kingsville Pickleball will move to dedicated courts and host multi-day tournaments at the provincial level, in addition to the regular play and fun tourneys we now stage. Of course, many thinks have to come together for this future to unfold as we believe it should. This page needs rewriting, as it repeats stuff and is
incomplete. Also, does the Naples, Florida video have any relevance to our situation?
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