ABOUT KINGSVILLE PICKLEBALL              “Truly, a game for all” Welcome to the Kingsville Pickleball website.  Kingsville Pickleball was established by a small group of pickleball enthusiasts in 2013.  In the spring of 2018 it was decided to formalize our casual group, and so we started the process of becoming an official entity.   On May 20, 2018, Kingsville Pickleball,Inc. began operating as a non-profit organization.  We are governed by a board of directors consisting of five members. Kingsville Pickleball is all about offering an enjoyable way to maintain an active lifestyle.  We recognize that pickleball brings people together.  The small court creates a cosy atmosphere where players can socialize and interact, while enjoying the  competition.  The camaraderie within Kingsville Pickleball is every bit as valued as the exercise.  Our players enjoy our year-end parties, mid-season BBQs, and the ladies hold monthly luncheons at various Kingsville restaurants.   Whether on the courts, or not, our people always seem to be laughing and having a good time.
We currently play on four courts, shared with the local tennis club.  However, our goal is to acquire new, separate dedicated pickleball courts for our growing membership.   We aim to achieve this through seeking local sponsor- ships, fund-raising efforts, grant applications, and the support of the Town of Kingsville. Kingsville Pickleball continues to promote our beautiful community and, of course, the game of pickleball.  We do this through our volunteering, our website and Facebook pages, and by word of mouth.   Our numbers have grown steadily through five seasons.  New players are always welcome.  If you are a beginner, come join the fastest growing sport in North America   ……   we’ll teach you for free. Playing Schedule page Tips and Tricks Kingsville map Pickleball Tournaments The Future for Kingsville Pickleball The tennis/pickleball courts are shown to the left of the Kingsville Rec complex. All the pickleball courts are active, in this picture.
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